Song for a Son


Skin of our skin,

Bone of our bones,

Now, skin and bones.


Mysterious sick,

Food that won’t stick;

Must find some trick


Doctors that pace,

Fresh charts retrace,

First world grace.


New test might show,

Heads that shake no,

Still we don’t know.


Waiting with tears,

Pressing down fears,

Months that seem years.


Friends rally near,

Drive, listen, cheer,

Quiet gifts, dear.


Family grace,

Smile on his face,

Hope in this place.


Bard with a song

Strums deep and long,

Writing this wrong.


Odd twisted light

Softens long night,

Deepens our sight


Cross in the rain,

Carries our pain,

Knows Ben by name.


Friends lift as one,

‘Fore day is done,

Prayer for our son.

Prayer for our son.



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