My name is Roger, and I am grateful that you are reading anything on this site.  I just want to start conversations.  About things that matter.  To be clear, I am right about some things and wrong about some things.  I just don’t know which are which.  So, you can help me out in the comment section.  I need to learn from you.  A comment thread is the closest thing we can have to a conversation on this site.

I am rich.  I am married to my college sweetheart, Joy, and God has graced us with four beautiful kids, three brilliant kids-in-law(they married our children, after all) and 7 unique grandkids.  My wife and I live in a house we bought for $8,900 in Huntsville, AL, and we love our neighborhood.  I am a dad, a papa, a carpenter, a Jesus-follower, a teacher, a reader,  a thinker, and a runaway that God loves irrationally and has welcomed back home.  And so I love God back.  I also love my family, music, Taco Bell, New England, Dr. Pepper, Ethiopia, games, driving, anything outdoors, and a great conversation.  Let’s talk.

Profile Photo Credit: Trina Simpson-Martin


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