A Ramblin Man Moves On


I entered the blogosphere as a ramblin man, framing myself as the guy who had managed to live in almost 20 places in his lifetime and always had something to say. Ramblin from place to place.  Ramblin thoughts.  A ramblin man.  Clever, I thought.  I would share various ramblin thoughts on a blog by the same name.  aramblinman.com.  I didn’t really ramble as much as I expected to.  It wasn’t that I didn’t think about much or type my thoughts into my computer.  I just didn’t click “publish” very often.  Still, a handful of you followed me, and I appreciate both of you.  I also wanted you to know that a ramblin man is moving on. [Pause for tears…or cheers.]  I have enjoyed the ride, and your encouragement and thoughtful comments graced me along the way.  A ramblin man is moving on with a sad goodbye.

But I’m not actually leaving the blogosphere.  [Pause for cheers…or tears.]   I am coming back with a different focus, a different framework, and a different frequency.  I am also coming back with a new web address: moreconversationsthatmatter.com.

I would simply love to be a catalyst for conversations and thinking about stuff that matters.  We talk about all kinds of things: puppies and pizza and football and videos and work hours and sunshine in the forecast.  I think we were made to talk about those things, but if that is the extent of our conversations and thoughts, we will miss what is core to our very life.  Some things matter more, and we need to be discussing those things as well.  I am hoping to inspire thoughts and conversations about justice and life and love and meaning and God and reconciliation and what is good for the world.

I am not blogging as someone with all the answers.  I am right about some things and wrong about some things.  I just don’t know which are which. That is why conversations matter.  They help us all figure out a bit more where we’re right and where we are wrong.  We need conversations.  We need more conversations that matter.


Feature Photo By SayCheeeeeese – Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2922466



  1. Don Sandberg

    Dear Rambler, I am a bit confused about a few things. How do you justify the statement “I just don’t know which [things are right] and which [things are wrong]? How are you able to use the categories “right” and “wrong”? Also, if you are wrong about some things, why? Should you not cease and desist your wrongness, and quickly? Is there any hope for at least decreasing the wrong things and increasing the right things soon? But how will you know?

  2. Lisa Morin

    I’ll miss your Ramblin Man blog…but please hurry with your More Conversations That Matter blog!

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